The CGSA is an energetic organization which strives to help communication graduate students connect, learn, and share. Through academic and social events, our goal is to build a dynamic community leveraging the creativity and innovation of students within the program.

Email: cgsa.aedc@gmail.com
Address: DMS (55 Laurier St. East)
Phone: 613-562-5800 x2059

Current 2012- 2013 Executive Committee

President: Jerie Shaw
Vice-President: Shiyu Zhuang
Vice-President of External Affairs: Katherine Sullivan
Vice-President of Finance: Noah Pollak


Past Executive Committees


President: Natalie Dallaire
Vice-president: Kevin Johnson
Vice-president of Finance: Noah Pollak
Vice-president of External Affairs: Marisa Brennan
Webmaster: Emily McGinnis 


President: Jessica Tatlow
Vice-president: Maja Stefanovska
Vice-president of Finance: Brianne Tulk
Vice-president of External Affairs:
Stephanie Patrick


President: David Gick
Vice-president: Sarah Wenglensky-Suggit
Vice-president of Finance: Youna Zhang
Vice-president of External Affairs: Steve Jankowski


President: Victoria Aceti
Vice-president: Cassandra Wilson
Vice-president of Finance: Mélène Guévremont
Vice-president of External Affairs: Caitlin Kealey


President: Haley Green
Vice-president: Jonathan Avery
Vice-president of Finance: Constance Lafontaine
Vice-president of External Affairs: Victoria Aceti


President: Kate Jurva
Vice-president: Deanna Vecchiarelli
Vice-president of Finance: Hayley Greene
Vice-president of External: Thierry Plante


President: Kate Jurva
Vice-president: Deanna Vecchiarelli
Vice-president of External Affairs: Thierry Plante

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