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Conference INTERCOM II

Hey all, we are now accepting submissions/letters of interest from students interested in participating in our conference in January 2012. Please click on our “Intercom” link at the menu on the top of this page for more information…

Veuillez voir le lien “Intercom” pour plus d’information sur la conférence en janvier 2012…


Thank you!

Call for Abstracts: Intersections 2011

Intersections 2011 – 10th Annual Graduate Student Conference presented by
The Joint Programme in Communication and Culture, York and Ryerson Universities

Vitals, Vital Signs & Vitality
March 4, 5 & 6, 2011
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Communication and Culture includes a thriving cross section of interdisciplinary
work and practice. In one sense, the diversity of methods, frameworks, gestures,
places, spaces, movements, visuals, sensations, communities, and languages
questions the foundations of disciplinary knowledge. Yet, this
interdisciplinary pursuit may itself be seen as an intervention into the
foundations of a changing world. How do we locate the fundamentals? Who decides
what the vital signs are and how do we ‘read’ them? How do we maintain the
vitality of this pursuit?
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Call for Abstracts: The Indiscernible

A One-Day Graduate Conference at McGill University – April 28, 2011 – Montreal, QC.

This year’s symposium will seek to interrogate the value and status of what is indiscernible to direct experience. From the rise of nanotechnologies on the one hand to the overwhelming size and complexity of global systems and networks on the other, artistic, theoretical and daily practices are confronted with realities that lie beyond immediate perception.

More information can be found on the McGill website.

Call for Abstracts: Political Communication Graduate Student Preconference

ICA’s Political Communication Division is sponsoring a Graduate Student Preconference in advance of the 2011 Conference in Boston. The event will take place at the College of Communication at Boston University, on 26 May 2011.

The preconference goals include providing guidance, feedback and professional socialization to political communication graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels, introducing graduate students to ICA and inviting them to take part in the academic discourse on political communication through ICA, and cultivating a network among young political communication scholars. To achieve these goals, the preconference will bring together a select group of graduate students working on political communication projects and provide them with the opportunity to present and discuss their projects in a constructive atmosphere. The preconference will also address common issues graduate students face, including working toward publication and building a CV.

Submission guidelines: Graduate students working on political communication projects are invited to submit abstracts of their research projects. Studies of communication dealing with government, political media, policy, political figures, citizens, campaigns, and advocacy groups are all within the purview of the division. Abstracts that address political communication problems at all levels of analysis using a variety of theories and methods are welcome.

Abstracts should be no longer than 750 words of text (plus figures and references) that include an introduction of the theoretical or conceptual foundations of the project, research questions, methods, preliminary findings (if available), conclusions, and research significance. Abstracts will undergo review; please be sure to remove any identifying information. Projects at all stages will be considered, including research currently in the stages of data collection or analysis. Evaluation criteria will include quality of argument, methodological rigor, and importance of project to theory building in political communication.

Please submit abstracts as an attachment in PDF or Word format to Indicate whether the project is a thesis or dissertation project, specify the stage of work (e.g., writing of the research proposal, complete and defended proposal, initial data collection, advanced data collection, data analysis, final writing/defending) and include author names, institutional affiliation, regular mailing address, fax number and email address in a separate document, or as part of the main message.

The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2010. Acceptance and rejection decisions will go out on 15 February 2011.

Preconference Committee: Kevin Barnhurst (U of Illinois at Chicago), Claes de Vreese (U of Amsterdam), Patricia Moy (U of Washington), James Shanahan (Boston U) and Yariv Tsfati (U of Haifa).

For more information please contact:

Yariv Tsfati
Department of Communication
University of Haifa, 31905

Fax: ++972-4-8240120

Intercom’s call for papers


Are you doing Communication related research?

Graduate students at the Department of Communication are organizing a colloquia series, Intercom, and are looking for individuals interested in presenting their ideas and receiving feedback. If you are a professor or student from any faculty or department, or private sector researcher, doing interdisciplinary communication research and are interested in participating, let us know!

What is Intercom?

Intercom will be an informal opportunity for students, faculty, and professionals from the communication community in Ottawa to gather over lunch, present papers, and get feedback, network, and exchange ideas. Intercom convenes the third Wednesday of the month starting on November 25, 2009.

What’s in it for ME!?

Intercom will be an excellent opportunity for individuals doing interdisciplinary communication research to expand their academic skill set both as presenters and as an active audience. The series will be focused on new and ongoing research by students, faculty, and private sector researchers alike, so everyone can benefit from feedback on their own theses, research papers, books, or other ongoing work. What’s more, it will be fun!


If you are interested in presenting at Intercom on Novermber 25, 2009, please send us a copy of the paper/manuscript/whatever you would like to discuss,  with an abstract of no more than one page, to before November 7, 2009.