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The 2010-2011 CGSA-AEDC is committed to keeping you posted on what is being planned and discussed within the Department of Communication. As such we will be posting the minutes of all meetings held by the CGSA-AEDC and those held externally which a CGSA-AEDC member attends.
We are striving to promote open dialogue between the department and students, so please feel free to post any comments or questions that you may have, as others are probably thinking something similar!

The Graduate Student Experience Roundtable

Hi all.

This morning I attended a round-table hosted by the Faculty of Arts. The theme was “the graduate student experience”, the goal being to gain a better understanding of how graduate students within the Faculty of Arts feel about their experience thus far, and what needs to be improved upon. The end goal is to present the Dean of Arts with a report that includes recommendations on changes and goals for the upcoming years.

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