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Intercom 2013: A Round Up

Nous voulons remercier tous qui sont venues et qui ont participé dans notre colloque annuel, Intercom 2013. Nous voulons remercier Dr. Andacht et Dr. McCurdy en particulier pour leur support à chaque étape du processus.
Nous sommes toujours étonnés par la varieté de la recherche dans le domaine de la communication, particulièrement parmi nos collègues ici à l’Université d’ Ottawa.

Si vous avez manqué le colloque, svp voir les photos ci-dessous. Nous voulons remercier Carly Dybka pour sa présentation « The social function of EWT sites in enabling neophatic communication » -malheureusement nous avons pas réussit à prendre des photos durant sa présentation.


We would like to thank all who attended and participated in our annual Intercom 2013 conference, particularly Dr. Andacht and Dr. McCurdy, who not only attended the event but supported this initiative at every stage.

We are always amazed by the  breadth and variety of research in the communication field, especially amongst our colleagues and peers here at UOttawa.

In case you missed it, there are some photos below.  Unfortunately, we had some trouble with the camera during her presentation, but we would also like to thank Carly Dybka for her presentation on “The social function of EWT sites in enabling neo-phatic communication”.

See you next year at Intercom 2014!

Notre hôte Noah Pollack, le vice-président des finances. / Our host for the evening, VP Finance Noah Pollack

Sarah De Blois durant sa présentation, « Older workers’ perspectives on age and aging: Exploring the predictors of communication patterns and knowledge transfer” / Sarah De Blois presenting her research: "Older workers’ perspectives on age and aging: Exploring the predictors of communication patterns and knowledge transfer"

Stephanie Patrick durant sa présentation, “"Framing female celebrity in the age of reality television"/ Stephanie Patrick presenting her research, "Framing female celebrity in the age of reality television"

Neeko Paluzzi durant sa presentation, “ Traveling within the reflexive road movie: How the ‘moving camera’ traverses Deleuzian space and time" / Neeko Paluzzi presenting his research: "Traveling within the reflexive road movie: How the ‘moving camera’ traverses Deleuzian space and time"

Weekly Meet-up

(English message follows)

Bonjour à tous!

Ce mercredi le 30 novembre, nous nous rencontrerons de nouveau au pub Father & Sons (au coin de King Edward et Osgoode) à 20h00 pour prendre quelques verres, manger et nous défouler! Nous espérons vous voir tous là!

Cette soirée nous sommes aussi tous invités à la soirée annuelle de la Série des Anciens du Département de communication 18h – 20h @ Simard 129.

La soirée de l’AÉDC, célébrant la saison hivernale, se tiendra le vendredi 9 décembre à 20h00 au pub Royal Oak (rue Laurier). Nous espérons vous voir tous là pour des amuse-gueules, des boissons et un peu de frivolité saisonnière!

Joignez-vous à notre groupe Facebook [ CGSA - AEDC (UOttawa) ] pour recevoir les invitations à nos évènements!

Au plaisir,


Hello Everyone!

This Wednesday, November 30, we will be getting together at Father & Sons pub (corner of King Edward and Osgoode) at 8:00pm for some drinks, food and good company. Hope to see you all there!

In addition, that evening, starting at 6:00pm, there is an Alumni Speaker Series event that we have all been invited to 18h – 20h @ Simard 129. Join us there before our pub night!

The CGSA holiday party will be held on Friday, December 9 at 8:00pm downstairs at the Royal Oak on Laurier. We hope to see you all there for appetizers, drinks, and holiday cheer!

Be sure to join our Facebook group [ CGSA - AEDC (UOttawa) ] to get updates and invites for our upcoming events!



CGSA Election Information

The Communication Graduate Student Association will be holding rolling ballots to elect the new members of the CGSA from October 26th until November 2nd. Members of the outgoing executive committee will be staffing conveniently placed ballot stations outside of classes during that week.

For those of you still wanting to run for any of the positions (President, Executive Vice-President, VP Finance and VP External Affairs) you have until Monday October 24th, 2011 to send in your nomination. You can e-mail your nomination to Please specify your name, year of study and the position you are running for.

We would like to remind everyone that if quorum is not made (15% of the students enrolled in the program at the time of the election) the votes that are casted will not count. Please show your support for your student association by participating.

Also – after the last day of voting (November 2nd) there will be a meet-up at The Standard Pub on Elgin St. beginning at 7:30pm. It’s a great chance to meet your new student association and begin planning for the year to come! The Standard also has awesome drink deals on Wednesday nights … not that that matters.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation throughout this process. We apologize for the delays thus far in the election process, and are hoping that things begin moving smoothly from here on in.



CGSA Election Notification and Call for Candidates

The Communication Graduate Students’ Association is announcing that elections for all positions on the executive committee will be held Wednesday, October 5, 2010 at 2:30 at Cafe Nostalgica. It is the role of the executive committee to represent the student body at departmental assemblies and on the Graduate Committee, as well as represent the Communication Department at meetings of the Graduate Students Association (GSAED).

Beyond this, it is the role of the executive to organize social gatherings and workshops within the department, and to support a lively academic community amongst association members.

The following  is a general outline of the roles and responsibilities of different committee members:

  • President Is the association’s spokesperson, and as such is preferably bilingual. The president conducts and chairs all executive meetings, and carries concerns to faculty members when appropriate. The president also attends departmental assemblies.
  • Executive Vice President performs the duties of the president in their absence, and is responsible for organizing social and academic events for the student association.
  • The Vice-President, Financial is responsible for collecting and dispersing all money and receipts, maintains the books, and is the co-signer of the bank account.
  • The Vice-President, External Affairs functions as a liaison between the CGSA and other student governance bodies, including the GSAED.

Applicants must be registered graduate students in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa. Bilingualism is a major asset and is strongly encouraged.

Interested parties should send an email to davidgick(at)gmail(dot com) with your name and the position you are interested in applying for on or before October 4th.

Annual General Meeting October 5th

1.) The  Communication Graduate Students’ Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 5. The meeting agenda will include

  • Elections for a new executive committee
  • A vote to ratify a new CGSA Constitution.

All graduate students in the University of Ottawa’s Communication Department are strongly encouraged to attend.

All questions regarding the AGM can be directed to davidgick(at)gmail(dot com)

Profs That Look Like Famous People

Alright ladies and gentlemen;

We thought it would be fun to have a summer contest entitled “Profs That Look Like Famous People”. Here’s how it’s going to work – submit your suggestion (either here or to our Facebook page) and we will post them to the website as they come in. At the end of next week we’ll set up a poll and people can vote on who they think found the best resemblance (and by best we mean most hilarious/shockingly true).There will be a fun summer themed prize in it for the winner!

Happy match-making!