(English) Student Resources

Part of the mandate of the CGSA is to ensure that the graduate students of Communication have useful resources at their fingertips. Below is a list of great resources to benefit from.

Job Postings

There are currently no job postings.

Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants


As an employee of the University, you have a right to understand the topics and issues that surround being part of a union.

Conference Call for Papers

The Indiscernable

Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

This year’s symposium will seek to interrogate the value and status of what is indiscernible to direct experience. From the rise of nanotechnologies on the one hand to the overwhelming size and complexity of global systems and networks on the other, artistic, theoretical and daily practices are confronted with realities that lie beyond immediate perception

ICA’s Political Communication Division, Graduate Student Preconference

College of Communication at Boston University, on 26 May 2011

The preconference goals include providing guidance, feedback and professional socialization to political communication graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels, introducing graduate students to ICA and inviting them to take part in the academic discourse on political communication through ICA, and cultivating a network among young political communication scholars.

Academic Writing Help Centre

Help for students with writing skills, structure, helping with lit reviews, how to construct a chapter, help with outline, etc. They work closely with the FGPS to ensure they are able to point students in the right direction.

Graduate Student Mentoring Centre

MRT room 611

Goal is to help students overcome any issues! We are all studying at a higher levelr and it is high demand with a lot of hard work. Most students face motivation issues– exhaustion and the pile of work in front of you is like an elephant and it is easy to avoid socializing but it is important not to feel isolated! Amentor can help you find your balance!

The Department of Communication

You will most likely already be familiar with the departmental website, but if not, it offers a vast amount of information and resources for graduates.

The Victoria Aceti Memorial Library

Over the years, the CGSA has been collecting numerous Communication related books in the office. Now, due to the efforts of past executive committees, you can borrow any books that are listed.

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